This page contains information for everybody who bought a ticket for BDF 2020.

You all have received emails about the vouchers that we created for you. If not, then please send an email to:


We appreciate your patience for waiting so long, therefore we would like to offer you something more then a discount on new tickets.

If you use your BDF2020 voucher code for buying your tickets you will get the discount plus the following:

  • FREE BDF T-shirt (pickup when you arrive at the venue)
  • FREE access to the Sao Paulo New Generation Bootcamp on Thursday March 3, 2020, from 13h00 - 17h30. Click here for more details:
  • 25% discount code for BDF 2023 or IBIZA 2023 (you can choose later, it will be explained in the BDF2020 VIP Package confirmation email)

How do you get your VIP package ?

Just use your BDF2020 voucher code to buy a ticket. This will be registered in our system and we will send you a confirmation mail that you are entitled to the BDF2020 VIP Package..

How to use your BDF2020 voucher code to buy tickets with discount ?

  • Click here to go to the tickets:
  • For the tickets for which you have a voucher code, add those tickets to the cart.
  • Go to Check Out
  • Enter your voucher code (in the field for Discount code)
  • The discount will be calculated.
  • If something is not working, or you have questions, then please make a screen shot/dump of your screen and send us an email to:

How to sell your BDF2020 voucher code ?

You can sell your discount code any moment UNTIL MARCH 3, 2022.

Click here for all details:


If you have any questions, please let us know:

Thank you for your patience.

BDF Team